2017 Schedule

Skill Level Evaluation

A skill evaluation will follow each class listing.

B: Beginning. Wants to learn basic fabrication skills like cutting, texturing and finishing techniques. Will also learn how to solder and set stones. Those skills are necessary to go on and be able to take more advanced workshops.

I: Intermediate. Has learned the basic skills and wants to advance to more complex skills. Students have taken classes and have worked with skills they have learned so that they can work independently at times with confidence.

AD: Advanced. Students who know a lot about jewelry making and are very confident about knowledge of basic skills and want to refine their approach to designing jewelry and doing things more efficiently. Advanced students want to add more knowledge about contemporary techniques or just take time to jump start their creativity and add a new approach to the ways they make jewelry.

If you are in doubt of where you stand on skill level please ask questions. It makes workshops more enjoyable if students are approximately on the same page so information does not have to be repeated to enable everyone to understand how to go forward.


A next to a scheduled workshop indicates that there is a festive event taking place on a weekend either before or after the workshop. These events are listed after the teaching schedule. Be sure to allow time to visit galleries and suppliers in Taos, Santa Fe and Albuquerque! Remember that Taos and Santa Fe are famous art communities with a lot of galleries, museums and shops. Please plan extra time during your visit to enjoy local events and see all the inspiring art work in Northern New Mexico. There is a lot to do here and if you are travelling a long distance it is worth planning to spend extra days of your vacation being a tourist.


April 10 – 14 Basic Metalworking Techniques for Beaders B
April 17 – 21 Earring Design I
April 24 – 28 Stone Setting, Soldering and Basic Lapidary I or AD


May 1 – 5 Introduction to Jewelry Design B
May 8 – 12 Intermediate Jewelry Design I
May 22 – 26 Unusual Stone Setting I
May 29 – June 2 Ring Design I


June 5 – 9 Introduction to Jewelry Design Made Easy B
June 12 – 16 Intermediate Jewelry Design I
June 26 – 30 Belt Buckles, Bracelets and Bolos I


July 3 – 7 Jump Start Your Creativity I
July 24 – 28 Necklaces, Pendants and Lockets I or AD
July 31 – Aug. 4 Bracelet Design AD


Aug. 14 – 18 Stone Setting, Soldering, and Basic Lapidary I or AD
Aug. 21 – 25 Designing and Making Hinges, Catches, Mechanisms AD


Sept. 4 – 8 Unusual Stone Setting I
Sept. 18 – 22 Introduction to Jewelry Design B
Sept. 25 – 29 Intermediate Jewelry Design I


Oct. 2 – 6 Making Jewelry Including Special Mechanisms and Unusual Design Features I
Oct. 16 – 20 Basic Lapidary, Inlay and Related Metalworking Techniques I or AD
Oct. 23 – 27 Unusual Stone Setting I

Other Workshops to be Announced

Option for Individual Study Available on Open Dates

Scheduling Guidelines

Independent study courses may be arranged on weeks that do not already have scheduled classes.

If a workshop is under–enrolled with only one student it may be possible to join another student and each follow separate studies at a group rate. Please ask questions about this opportunity. Scheduling is done with care and full consideration of each student's needs so that your time is well spent and gives you the information you want to learn in a supportive atmosphere. Because there are only a maximum of three students in a class students always get individual attention.

When students register for a workshop and pay a deposit the class is guaranteed to run. If plans change and students need to cancel a class after payment, notice of 30 days must be given to get a full refund. A processing fee of $35 will be deducted from that refund. In the event that there are no students enrolled 30 days before the workshop is scheduled to begin, the topic of the class may change to another title if there is demand for classes in another area of study. Once a student attends part of a workshop there will be no refund paid for cancellation of part of that week. The particular circumstances involved will be discussed and make up time may be scheduled with the instructor when it is possible. Tuition from an unfinished workshop is not transferable to another workshop.

Workshop Hints

Upon registering you will receive several attachments by e–mail or in a letter sent by regular mail giving you suggested places to stay, directions, and details about workshop procedures. Please read them carefully. Print directions to have when you arrive in Taos. Please ask questions if you feel you need further information.

During your week long workshop everything will be done to insure that your class and stay in Taos will be a pleasant one.

Please do not hesitate to ask questions about the course and come prepared to work hard and have a wonderful time!

Festive Events Calendar

July 8 – 9 Taos Pueblo Pow Wow
Fantastic costumes, drumming and dancing … colorful and fun … great food and art as well!
July 4 – 16 Santa Fe International Folk Market Museum Hill
Colorful and exotic with arts and crafts from all over the world … Craftsmen in native dress travel from far away places to display their wares.
July 29 – 30 Spanish Market
Hispanic arts and performance event on Santa Fe plaza.
August 4 Santa Domingo Feast Day
August 12 Santa Clara Feast Day
August 19 – 20 Indian Market
In Santa Fe on the plaza and other locations in Santa Fe. A huge event with wonderful jewelry and art!
September 29 – 30 San Geronimo Day
Taos Pueblo Feast Day. Native dancing the evening of the 29th. Foot races, pole climb, arts fair and many activities all day on the 30th. Taos Pueblo Square. A memorable great event!
October 7 – 8 Taos Wool Festival
A wonderful event featuring all things made from wool fibers. Weaving, spinning, knitting, crocheting, felting, fiber, yarn. And all the animals involved … Very colorful and a treat!
October 7 – 15 International Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque
The largest Balloon festival with wonderful unshaped hot air balloons.
October 29 – 30 Taos Mountain Balloon Festival
Smaller than the festival in Albuquerque but very colorful and intimate … You can get right up next to the balloons when they are inflating them … Pilots and passengers are nearby and friendly. Ask questions and talk to everyone involved.

This is just a small sampling of events that take place during the summer and autumn. A much longer list of craft fairs and other festivals and performances are listed on the web. Santa Fe is only an hour and a half from Taos so it is possible to see more than one event on a weekend and travel to different places. There are numerous Studio Tours in near–by towns during the autumn. Please ask if you want more information about these and other events. I would be glad to answer questions and help if I can.